To commemorate 40 years of Australian decimal currency a very limited set of Gold Coins, featuring the additional solid gold one and two cent piece, has been released by the Royal Australian Mint.

The 40th anniversary of Australia’s historic conversion to decimalisation is seen as an event which symbolically cemented a National identity with a unique national currency, first released in 1966.

There are several unique features of this set including the addition of the round 50 cent piece, which was only in circulation for one year before it was replaced with the dodecagon shape that is commonly known today. The one and two cent piece have also been included, which were respectively discontinued in 1990-92.

The set features Stuart Devlin’s original designs of iconic Australian fauna, which are recognised internationally and highlight Australia as a unique and inimitable country. Also featured in the set are Australia’s $1 and $2 coins.

Struck from 99.99% 24 carat gold, the set celebrates 40 years of circulating decimal currency. Only 300 of this superb and beautifully Australian product will be produced and will be a necessity for serious gold collectors and coin lovers world wide.

This exquisite set is displayed in a beautifully crafted She-Oak and Jarrah presentation case and each set is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity to add further to the beauty and prestige of this limited coin set.

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