The pending litigation between the American Numismatic Association and John Nebel and
former employees Susie Nulty, Lawrence Lee, Ph. D. and Wayne Abraham has been
resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties, Executive Director Larry Shepherd
announced today.

The resolution followed several meetings between the ANA and John Nebel in which the
ANA agreed to dismiss all claims against Nebel, Nulty, Lee and Abraham.

The litigation started in July, 2005 when Christopher Cipoletti and the ANA filed suit against
Nebel, Nulty, Lee, Abraham and Nebel’s corporation, Computer Systems Design Company.
The case was scheduled for trial in September, 2007, but was rescheduled to August 14,
2008 after the ANA’s former legal firm withdrew from the case in August 2007. Since that
date the parties engaged in continued discussions in an effort to resolve their differences.
The ANA Board of Governors voted unanimously to dismiss all claims against Nebel, Nulty,
Abraham and Lee and therefore put an end this litigation. As part of the settlement, the
ANA made a payment to offset a portion of the defendants litigation costs.

The ANA and the Defendants prefer to engage in numismatics, not litigation. The ANA
wishes to extend its sincere apology to the defendants for the hardship that this litigation
has caused.

John Nebel also expressed relief that the litigation has been resolved. “I have been a
dedicated ANA member for many years and this is best for all of us, including the ANA," he
said. "The four of us named in this lawsuit are glad to finally put it behind us. We always
believed the ANA was a good organization and hope it again can focus on its mission to
meet the needs of numismatists around the world."

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