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Rare Indian PennyHow do I determine the value of my coin?

We get asked frequently to evaluate the worth of coins. Occasionally someone will also ask us to buy their collection, and we certainly do that for uncommon or higher grade coins. Many of the common coins cannot easily be sold via our website so we do limit the offers we make. Below is a guide to help you determine the value of your coin.

Approximate Value of Various Circulated US Coinage

Please note: uncirculated and graded coins are worth more, and we are interested in acquiring both, as well as key circulated coins. The values below are approximate values of circulated coins.

Large Cents - $5 to $22
Flying Eagle Cents - $6 to $15
Indian Cents - $0.45 to $2.00
Lincoln Cents (Pre-1958) - $0.02 to $.25

Shield Nickels - $4 to $10
Liberty or V Nickels - $0.50 to $2.50
Buffalo Nickels - $0.07 to $2
Jefferson Nickels from 1942-1945 - $.23; others $0.05

Bust Dimes (1837 and earlier) - $12 to $50++
Seated Dimes - $3 to $8
Barber Dimes - $1 to $3
Mercury Dimes - $1 to $3
Roosevelt Dimes (1964 and earlier)- $0.20 to $1

Bust Quarters (1838 and earlier) - $15 to $50++
Liberty Seated Quarters - $3 to $14
Barber Quarters - $1 to $5
Standing Liberty Quarters - $1 to $3
Washington Quarters (1964 and earlier) - $0.75 to $2.50

Half Dollars
Bust Half Dollar (1839 and earlier) - $15 to $55++
Liberty Seated Half Dollar - $9 to $20
Barber Half Dollar - $4 to $8
Walking Liberty Half Dollar - $2 to $4
Franklin Half Dollar - $1.50 to $2.50
Kennedy Half Dollar (1964-1969) - $.75 to $1

Early Dollars (1840 and earlier) - $150++
Liberty Seated Dollars - $28 to $80++
Morgan Dollars - $6 to $15++
Peace Dollars - $5 to $10
Eisenhower Dollars - $1 to $1.50
Anthony Dollars - $1

Pricing Notes
Silver Dollars
Most people believe any silver dollar is worth significant money. However, many grades of Morgan and Peace dollars are quite common. Unless you have a key date, or high grade silver dollar the coin is worth close to the values listed above.

Modern Proof Sets
Many modern proof sets (1958 and later) are priced on a commodity basis, and have less value than the original mint issue price. Modern Silver proof sets that have state quarters HAVE appreciated in value.

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