Complete 1865 Proof Set – 1c though $20 Only Set Known – Civil War Era American History.

Take a deep breath and step back to a time when our mighty nation was embroiled in a Civil War!

Photos and article courtesy Albanese Rare Coins.

The North vs. the South – The year was 1865, the final battles of a devastating period of U.S. History. Just imagine, were there coin collectors in these days? Not many, that is for sure, as our economy was stretched to the limits. The U.S. Mint produced only a tiny group of Proof coinage especially all Gold types each with a miniscule production of only 25 coins – Gold Dollar through Twenty Dollar. The absolute lowest of all Civil War era proof coinage. The penny through silver Dollar mintage’s were 500 each. Behold a Numismatic treasure complete 1865 Proof set 1c though $20. An unprecedented rarity. Several of the Gold coins being finest known.

  • The Gold Dollar finest known – $3 tied finest known.
  • $20 finest known – $10 Eagle pop 1/1 – $5 Half Eagle pop 2/2.
  • $2.5 quarter Eagle pop 2 with 3 higher.
  • Even the Silver Dollar is tied for finest known w/ 3 other examples

The importance of this set cannot be stressed enough. Impossible to duplicate coin for coin as it exists for quality and rarity.

Priced at $1,250,000 [SOLD!]