The Treasurer, the Hon. Mr. Peter Costello and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, The Hon. Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende have launched a set of commemorative coins marking the 400th anniversary of the Dutch Ship Duyfken’s voyage of discovery , which resulted in the first recorded map of a southern continent which came to be known as Terra Australis and later Australia.

The joint coin issue between Australia and The Netherlands is a rare release and a pleasing symbol of the historical links between the two countries.

The Australian coins will be minted at Australia’s national mint, the Royal Australian Mint, in Canberra. Following an eighteen month collaborative effort between the Royal Australian Mint and the Royal Dutch Mint.

“Australia is thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with The Netherlands on such a symbolic project, especially one of such historical significance that recognises the 400 year relationship between the Netherlands and Australia.” said Mr Costello.

The Hon Dr Balkenende said, “The launch of the coins to mark the arrival of the Duyfken to Australia’s shore is part of is a year of events and celebrations to mark both this occasion and the strong links between the Dutch and Australians. The release of the coins symbolises the association between these two countries and friends.”

The Dutch and Australian coins were both released on March 29th and contain a special addition- the silver Australian coins will carry the prestigious Mint Mark from the Royal Netherlands Mint.

The Royal Australian Mint has produced three collector coins in the program, including a gold coin; a silver coin and general collectable coin. The Royal Netherlands Mint has produced two collector coins in their program, including a gold coin and a silver coin. The sets are packaged in an impressive wooden case with numbered certificate.

The Duyfken was captained by Williem Janszoon and his discovery and mapping of the north west coast of Cape York in 1606, was the first authenticated European discovery of ‘Australia’.

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