Guests were delighted to receive a cuddly koala with their 2007 Australian Koala Silver Bullion coin at the international launch in Berlin.

The Perth Mint’s General Manager Minted Products, Veronica Maguire, and European Agent, Günther Wolters host more than 150 guests at the launch of the 2007 Silver Koala coin.

The Perth Mint has released a stunning addition to Australia’s official Gold and Silver
Bullion Coin Program with the launch of its 2007 Silver Koala.
Struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver and issued as legal tender under the Australian
Currency Act 1965, the coin portrays an iconic image of Australia’s cuddliest
marsupial. Delicately frosted, the highly detailed design shows a baby koala
clutching onto a tree branch.
The appearance of the coin’s exceptional reverse is enhanced with a remarkable
shiny table. The exclusive ‘shimmer’ effect reflects the Mint’s focus on original coin
finishes and treatments that is responsible for its growing reputation as the world’s
most innovative producer of precious metal legal tender.
According to The Perth Mint’s General Manager, Veronica Maguire, the new coin is
an important addition to the Mint’s wide range of pure gold and silver bullion coins
bearing iconic Australian designs. “The koala is a potent symbol of Australia, richly
deserving its position on one of the world’s major silver bullion coin releases,” she
Speaking at the international launch of the Silver Koala coin in Berlin, she added:
“The new coin’s highly attractive design and innovative table have already generated
huge pre-sales interest among the Mint’s worldwide distribution network.”
Guaranteed by the Western Australian Government of weight and purity, the 2007-
dated coin is primarily aimed at investors. However, the Mint expects it will also be
highly sought-after by collectors and gift buyers, as the equally appealing designs
planned for future annual releases will create an enchanting series for them to enjoy.
Unlike other bullion coins produced by The Perth Mint, the Silver Koala will be struck
on a ‘Mint-to-Order’ basis only. Production will close on the announcement of the
availability of the 2008 Silver Koala, enabling the Mint to declare its official mintage.
Ms Maguire said this would reinforce the coin’s appeal among investors and
collectors by giving it the potential for numismatic appreciation over time.

The Perth Mint has forged a reputation for producing the highest quality gold and
silver bullion coins in the world. The Australian Gold and Silver Bullion Coin
Program, which includes the Australian Nugget, the Australian Kookaburra, and the
Australian Lunar Series, offers investors a trusted and convenient way to add
precious metals to their portfolios.
The 2007 Australian Koala Silver Bullion Coin is available by telephoning the
free call number 1800 098 817, by visiting The Perth Mint Shop located at 310 Hay
Street, East Perth, or through leading coin distributors.
To find out more about The Perth Mint and its extensive range of products visit the

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Veronica Maguire, General Manager Minted Products, The Perth Mint
Telephone: (08) 9421 7475 Mobile: 0412 114 208