Reg Mombassa’s new kangaroo design for the Royal Australian Mint’s Kangaroo coin series has proved very popular, with only a few gold coins remaining three days after its release.

Reg Mombassa (aka Chris O’Doherty) is the second of three Great Australian Artists, following Rolf Harris in 2007, commissioned by the Royal Australian Mint to design its well known kangaroo coin. Reg’s kangaroo design will feature on all five 2008 products in the series.

Janine Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Australian Mint, commented “this is the first time the Mint has worked with Reg Mombassa to develop a coin design, and we are thrilled with the result. It is great to have a contemporary and unique take on our traditional kangaroo coin range. We hope our collectors will enjoy the humour of the design as well as the Mint’s fine craftsmanship in producing coins across a broad price range.”

“This coin series will provide both collectors and art enthusiasts with an original piece of Australian art by a well known Australian artist and musician.” she continued.

Famous for his unconventional portrayal of Australian culture and distinctive larrikin style, Reg Mombassa’s quirky design features his own unique interpretation of a kangaroo holding a football. A prolific artist and freelance designer, Reg’s artwork has graced T-shirts, album covers as well as billboards, calendars, books, diaries and even a Melbourne tram. His artwork has been reproduced in newspapers and magazines such as Rolling Stone. For the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games closing ceremony, Reg contributed to the design of the “Heroes” segment.

The Royal Australian Mint Kangaroo coin series has been produced since 1993, with many different designers contributing over the years. Past contributors have been the Mint’s Horst Hahne, Wojciech Pietranik, Vladimir Gottwald and famous Aboriginal artists Jeanette Timbery, Mark Nodea and Ray Thomas.

The Great Australia Artist series was introduced as part of this range in 2006. Rolf Harris was the pioneer of this popular coin series, and produced the memorable design of a mother kangaroo with her joey. The final artist in the Great Australian Artist series will be announced late 2008, but for now it is a secret.

For more information, about the Royal Australian Mint Reg Mombassa – Great Australian Artists Series or to purchase one of these coins, please visit or call 1300 652 020.