The official Australian Peacekeeping Memorial site on ANZAC Parade will be unveiled today at 12:00pm.

In conjunction with this historic event, the Royal Australian Mint will officially launch its 2007 Lapel Pin celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping. In September 2007, the Mint also released its 2007 $1 Uncirculated Coin celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping.

Today, The Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Project (APMP) will unveil the national memorial site. This site will honour the sacrifice of Australian Peacekeepers in the service of international peace and security and recognise their courage and professionalism. The memorial site will be the focus for recognising the continuing and significant contribution made by Australians to international peacekeeping.

“The Mint has been working closely with the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Project and the Australian War Memorial to develop this symbolic design featured on our peacekeeping products. We hope to raise awareness for the thousands of Australians who have served on peacekeeping missions around the world,” said Janine Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Australian Mint.

“Our 2007 Lapel Pin celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping has been designed in recognition of the courage, sacrifice and service of all Australian Peacekeepers.”

The gold plated lapel pin perfectly compliments the 2007 $1 Uncirculated Anniversary Coin. Both designs feature the helping hands of Australia, cradling the earth with an olive wreath. These universal symbols reflect the accepted ideals of peace, freedom and Australia’s proud role in supporting them.

On the 14th of September 1947, four ADF officers became the first Australian peacekeepers when they were deployed to the Dutch East Indies under the UN Commission in Indonesia. Since then, Australia has been actively and continually involved in peace operations around the world. The year 2007, marks the 60th anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping. To find out more about this project please visit

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