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Gold Coins of the World Now at the Printer, Publication date January 17, 2003

Gold coins of the world7th edition by Arthur L Friedberg & Ira S. Friedberg Based on the original work by Robert Friedberg

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This indispensable classic includes:
* 760 pages, completely revised and updated.
* Austria, Belgium, Hungary and Russia expanded with many additions.
* More than 6,700 photos, over a thousand of them new
* 18,000+ listings, with many new discoveries.
* From the 6th century B.C. to date - over 2,500 years of gold coinage from ancient Greece to modern Zambia.
* The universally-used Friedberg Numbering System: The world's standard method of cataloging, describing, buying and selling gold coins.
* Market valuations in two states of preservation.
* A directory of the world's leading gold coins dealers.
* Unsurpassed in content and scope. A must for every collector, dealer and library.
* Hard cover, sewn binding. 11 X 8 inches (A4)
* ISBN: 087184-307-2
* List price: $75.00 (EUR 85).

Gold Coins of the World: 7th Edition of Friedberg Standard Reference Published. Covers 2,500 Years of Gold Coinage from 6th Century BC to Date in One 760 Page Volume.

When Robert Friedberg released the first edition of Gold Coins of the World in 1958, he changed forever the way in which gold coins were collected, catalogued, bought and sold. In one volume, considered one of the most important numismatic works of its time, he succeeded in bringing together information previously available only in official government documents, archives and the most sophisticated numismatic libraries. With the creation of a method of classifying the coins by type, denomination and chronology, the book changed the haphazard, chaotic and often conflicting way gold coins were catalogued and evaluated by individual dealers and collectors in different areas of the world.

Forty years after Robert Friedberg's death, his sons, Arthur Friedberg, the current president of the International Association of Professional Numismatists, and Ira Friedberg have completed Gold Coins of the World's new seventh edition, which continues to stand alone as the premier reference on the subject. It will be available starting January 17, 2003 wherever numismatic books are sold. 

While the concept and clarity which characterized the original work remains, much is new. There is more to the new edition than just bringing the coin valuations up to date with the current market. What was originally 384 pages has doubled in size to 760 and the number of photographs has increased to more than 6,700. While the original edition covered coins starting with 600 A.D., the current work includes valuations of the first coins of the ancient Greek world, dating back to the 6th century B.C., with expanded sections on the gold coins of the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, as well. In addition, an special section comprising more than 100 pages is devoted to
gold coins issued from the 1950's to date.

New information and new discoveries in the coin world have resulted in a substantial number of new coin listings,
bringing the total to more than 18,000 different coin types. The enhancements to several countries, notably Austria,
Belgium, Hungary, India and Russia, were so great that these sections were completely redone.

One constant throughout the book is, of course, the universally-used Friedberg Numbering System – the world's
standard method of cataloging and describing gold coins. Each coin type has its own identifying number, so that all of the coins in a country are listed consecutively in a logical, numerical order. Each type is usually priced in two states of preservation and citations are frequently made of notable better dates and of particular auction results. The book may be previewed on its website, www.goldcoinsoftheworld.com, which contains an informative Introduction (in five languages), the Table of Contents, the complete Geographical Index and illustrated selections from the coin listings.

Gold Coins of the World (ISBN 087184-307-2) is available for $75.00 (EUR 85, SFR 125) wherever coin books are sold. It may also be ordered from book stores and their on-line counterparts, or direct from the publisher:

The Coin & Currency Institute, Inc. P.O. Box 1057, Clifton, NJ 07014, USA. Tel. (973) 471-1441. Fax (973) 471-1062. Toll free in No. America 1-888-471-1441, or email: info@goldcoinsoftheworld.com. Major credit cards are accepted. Add $5.00 for shipping and handling. New Jersey residents should add sales tax.

Collectors outside North America can contact the book's international distributors for the name of the dealer
nearest them.

Europe: Mevius Numisbooks International, Oosteinde 97, NL-7671 AT Vriezenveen. Tel. +31 (0)546 561 322, email: info@mevius.nl
Asia/Pacific: Daruma International Galleries, 2-16-32-701, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo. 108-0074. Tel. +81 (0)3
3447 5567, email: darumacoin@mug.biglobe.ne.jp
Africa: Royal Gold Exchange, 123, Saxonwold, Johannesburg 2132, S. Africa. Tel. +27 11 442 4321, email: royalg@iafrica.com.

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