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2005 ‘Speared Bison’ Error Buffalo Nickel Found in Texas!

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Photos are copyrighted by Pamela Ryman-Moir.

Texas - A new and exciting error/die anomaly has just been discovered in Texas! On March 10, Pamela Ryman-Moir discovered a ‘spear’ going through the Bison’s back on the just released 2005 Bison Nickel, the third in a series of the new nickel coin designs by the U.S. Mint. 

After discovering 6 in the first roll, Pam then proceeded to open all rolls of coins, and found a total of 27 of this error. All error 'spears' all appear to be the same on all 27 coins, and all are on the Denver mint coins.

The error appears to be a heavy die scratch (or gouge) in an interesting and very visible location. Gouges are man-applied and usually accidental. This gouge is notable in its length across the coin design and in its positioning.

The error was first reported publicly on the PCGS Coin Forum boards after midnight March 10 (in the early hours of the 11th). The post created quite a stir, as numismatists and collectors on the site reviewed the coin and commented on its uniqueness and possible causes. Consensus from the pros on the Forums and the experts that have reviewed the coins in person, since that time, support the fact that this is a significant die scratch/gouge.

There has been only one sold so far and it went for $165. There have been several more sightings reported in the Dallas Texas area in rolls from the bank.

For more information email Pam at: TxRok@aol.com

Article posted March 18th, 2005.

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