(Newport Beach, California) – Some of the finest known pattern coins designed by 19th century United States Mint engravers Charles Barber, James Longacre and George T. Morgan will be displayed by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) during the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money® convention in San Francisco, July 27 – 31.

The special exhibit at the PCGS booth coincides with the introduction of a “United States Patterns” section to the popular PCGS Set RegistrySM Program. “The Registry will consist of 97 sets, including 21 complete sets. It is the first time U.S. patterns ever have been categorized by sets. This helps collectors focus on completing specialized sets, rather than making random acquisitions for their collections,” said David Hall, PCGS Founder and President.

Pattern sets in the Registry are arranged by “Judd number,” the standard numbering system developed in the 1950s by researcher, Dr. J. Hewitt Judd, in his hobby standard reference book about pieces struck as proposed new coin designs, United States Pattern, Experimental and Trial Pieces, now in its eighth edition. The exhibit at the PCGS booth during the ANA convention will showcase the Timothy Larson collection of pattern Flying Eagle and Indian Head cents and Mark Hagen collection of pattern 1877 Morgan half dollars and 1879 Morgan dimes through dollars.

“Among the coins we’ll display from Mr. Larson’s collection are the finest known pattern Flying Eagle copper cent (1856 undated J-179), graded PCGS Proof-64 RB, and the finest known 1864-L aluminum cent (J-361), PCGS Proof-65 CA,” said Hall. “Selected coins that we’ll exhibit from Mr. Hagen’s spectacular collection include the Dibello specimen 1877 half dollar (J-1504), PCGS Proof-65 DC, that is the finest of five known examples, and the Judd/Bass specimen 1877 half dollar (J-1510), also graded PCGS Proof-65 CA and the finest of five known.”

“By their very nature, U.S. patterns are among the rarest of all United States coins,” said Ron Guth, PCGS Director of Numismatic Research. “They were made in extremely limited quantities, usually to see how the design would appear in coin form. Patterns remind us of what might have been.”

The interactive PCGS Set RegistrySM was established in 2001. “The registry ranks sets in order of grade point average, completion and overall rating. There now are over 14,900 sets registered, encompassing every major U.S. coin series as well as British, Canadian, Euro and Philippines coinage,” said B.J. Searls, PCGS Set Registry Manager.

PCGS is a division of Collectors Universe, Inc., (NASDAQ: CLCT). For additional information about the PCGS Set RegistrySM program, contact the Professional Coin Grading Service at P.O. Box 9458, Newport Beach, CA 92658. Phone: (800) 447-8848 or (949) 833-0600. E-mail:info@pcgs.com.


For immediate release June 21, 2005; News media contact: Rebecca Tran, (800) 447-8848