The historic Perth Mint has struck the gold, silver and bronze victory medals and
issued the official commemorative coins on behalf of the 15th Asian Games Doha
Commencing today, these monumental Games have attracted sportsmen and
women from more than 40 nations and regions in Asia. During the next 14 days,
competitors will participate in 39 sports, making the Asian Games one of the largest
sporting events in the world.
Comprising 23 beautifully designed, meticulously struck and superbly presented
coins, the program reinforces the Mint’s credentials as one of the world’s leading
suppliers of precious metal commemoratives.
Issued as legal tender of Qatar, the host nation, the program includes six coins struck
from proof quality 99.99% pure gold, 11 coins struck from proof quality 99.9% pure
silver, and six coins struck in uncirculated quality aluminium bronze.
The designs on the gold coins portray inspirational aspects of the Games and reflect
the rich cultural characteristics of Qatar. Themes include the magnificent Khalifa
sports stadium and symbols of Qatari life – a falcon, the oryx and a coffee pot. An
impressive 1 Kilo gold coin depicts the design of the athletes’ victory medals.
The silver coins are dedicated to popular events, with coloured designs conveying
the excitement and dynamism of each sport: aquatics, athletics, cycling, football,
gymnastics, karate, table tennis, tennis and volleyball. A magnificent 1 Kilo silver
coin portrays a montage of athletes surrounding the logo of the Games in colour.
The designs on the aluminium bronze coins portray a variety of popular themes,
including coloured images of Orry the Oryx – the Games mascot.
Signifying the program’s legal tender status, the obverse of each coin depicts palm
trees and a dhow, a traditional Arab sailing vessel. As well as the words State of
Qatar, the obverse also displays each coin’s monetary denomination in Qatari Riyals.
The Perth Mint, Australia’s specialist precious metals mint, was appointed by the
Doha Asian Games Organising Committee (DAGOC) to strike the official
commemorative coin program ahead of 18 other minting organisations worldwide.
The Mint’s Chief Executive Officer, Ed Harbuz, said the successful tender showed
that The Perth Mint’s international reputation as a leading producer of precious metal
commemoratives continues to strengthen around the world.
“The Perth Mint has an outstanding record of minting excellence since 1899,” he
said. “Our involvement in the production and marketing of the Sydney 2000 Olympic
Coin Program undoubtedly contributed to our successful bid. The Doha coins are
expected to have tremendous appeal among many thousands of competitors,
officials, supporters and collectors because of their rarity, stunning designs and the
guaranteed purity of their precious metals.”
Mr Harbuz added that the Mint was also extremely honoured to have been chosen by
DACOG to strike the winners’ victory medals.
The strictly limited commemorative coins of the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006 are
available via The Perth Mint’s online store (, by telephoning toll
free on 1800 098 817, and at select leading coin dealers.
Images of the official commemorative coins celebrating the 15th Asian Games Doha
2006 can be downloaded from
Veronica Maguire, General Manager Minted Products, The Perth Mint
Telephone: (08) 9421 7475 Mobile: 0412 114 208