(Fallbrook, California) – The Professional Numismatists Guild, a nonprofit organization composed of many of the country’s top rare coin and paper money dealers, has kicked off its second half-century with a new look and marketing plan that emphasizes consumer protection.

The old PNG logo, dating back to the group’s founding in 1955, depicted the organization’s name, a magnifying glass, a book and PNG’s motto, “Knowledge, Integrity, Responsibility.”

The new logo retains the motto and the letters, “PNG,” but replaces the magnifying glass and book with a symbolic image of Aequitas, the ancient Roman goddess of fair trade and honest merchants. In one hand she holds a balance scale representing justice and in the other hand a cornucopia representing abundance.

“The image of Aequitas appeared on some ancient Roman coins. The people of that era understood that a medium of exchange served not only as a society’s monetary unit, but as an embodiment of its citizens’ values. The Professional Numismatists Guild believes that buyers and sellers should be treated fairly in all their dealings,” said Jeff C. Garrett, PNG President and President of Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries of Lexington, Kentucky.

The new logo was designed by Brooke Aram and Tom Barg of MarketSense LLC of Burr Ridge, Illinois.

PNG also has initiated a series of advertisements emphasizing consumer protection and showcasing individual PNG members’ accomplishments and professional experience.

“Peace-of-mind is a fundamental reason to do business with PNG member-dealers,” explained Robert Brueggeman, PNG Executive Director. “Every PNG member must have a track record that demonstrates knowledge and reputable integrity in the business, and must abide by a Code of Ethics and support our Collector’s Bill of Rights.”

Information about these ethical standards is available at the organization’s web site, www.PNGdealers.com. There’s also a convenient online Membership Directory to locate PNG member-dealers across the United States and members located in seven foreign countries.

A printed copy of the Membership Directory and a copy of the informative pamphlet, “What You Should Know Before You Buy Rare Coins,” can be obtained for $1 to cover postage costs. Write to: Robert Brueggeman, Professional Numismatists Guild, 3950 Concordia Lane, Fallbrook, California 92028. Phone: (760) 728-1300. Fax: (760) 728-8507. E-mail: info@PNGdealers.com.