Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) 1998 Commemorative Silver Dollar Coin
Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) 1998 Commemorative Silver Dollar Coin

Robert F. Kennedy took on racism. He took on poverty. He took on the mob. He took on what was wrong with America and inspired us to change it with what is right: Our moral decency. Our inborn need for justice. And our Constitution, which guarantees equal rights for all.

For his courage and idealism, for his lessons of unity and hope, Congress has authorized the stunning Robert F. Kennedy coin.

A special tribute to his life, his work, and his inspiring legacy...

Beautifully crafted by the United States Mint, the RFK Commemorative Silver Dollar is as stirring as the man himself. The face on the coin shows the intensity of his eyes, and the thoughtful concern of his character. The emblems of the two offices where RFK had his most profound effect - the Department of Justice and the U.S. Senate - are shown on the reverse. Like every classic coin, it's a monument in miniature.

A unique opportunity to keep his mission alive Owning this coin affords another pleasure - knowing that a portion of the proceeds of its sale is authorized for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial. This "living" memorial carries on RFK's unfinished work, encouraging respect for human rights and justice at home and abroad.

Two-Coin Set includes both the mirror Proof and Uncirculated versions of the Commemorative Programs -- a complete collection in a beautiful collector-quality display case.

Coin Information Provided Courtesy The United States Mint.