1914dadMint and Dates of Operation

P – Philadelphia, PA 1793-present
Almost all coins from Philadelphia have no ‘P’ mark (primary mint)

C – Charlotte, NC 1838-1861
(note: gold coins only)

CC – Carson City, NV 1870-1893

D – Denver, CO 1906-present

D – Dahlonega, GA 1838-1861
(note: gold coins only)

O – New Orleans, LA 1838-1861; 1879-1909

S – San Francisco, CA 1854-1955; 1968-present

W – West Point, NY 1976-present

Note: Curiously, there are two ‘D’ mint marks on US coins. For coins dated from 1838 to 1861, the ‘D’ indicates the coin was struck in Dahlonega, GA. For 1906 to present coins, the ‘D’ mark shows Denver, CO minting.