1915 Lincoln Cent Struck on 75/25 Cu-Ni Planchet PCGS XF 45 Unique. Provided by U.S. Mint error coin dealer Michael S. Byers of Byers Numismatic Corp

Lincoln penny struck on nickel planchet

This is the only authenticated and certified Lincoln Cent off-metal prior to 1919. It was recently featured in a front page Coin World article and described as a possible Mint Experiment Test Piece. This was struck on a full-size planchet of Nickel composition. Pollock lists as #2028, “Nickel. Plain edge. Unique? Listed in Judd as being a Mint Error.”

S&N Labs analyzed this unique off-metal for elemental composition using scanning electron microscopy with energy-dispersive x-ray spectrometry (SEM-EDX). The composition was a copper-nickel alloy.

This is the same alloy that was used to strike the Buffalo Nickels during this time period. To view a unique 1920 Buffalo Nickel struck on a full-size copper planchet, authenticated and certified by NGC, click here.

This unique 1915 Lincoln Cent is on a full-size planchet as the rims are full and sharp. If it was struck on a foreign planchet, there would be weakness in the rims.

Provided by Michael Byers of Byers Numismatic Corp. (byersnc.com)