“Money Makes the World Go Round,” an original song written, performed and produced by
Mark Keefner of West Hills, Calif., was awarded first place in the American Numismatic
Association’s 2008 National Coin Week theme contest. “Money Makes the World Go
Round” is the theme of National Coin Week, held April 20-26.

Keefner receives the contest’s grand prize, a one-half ounce gold American Eagle proof
coin. Mitch Ernst of Omaha, Neb., also submitted “Money Makes the World Go Round,” and
receives a one-quarter ounce gold American Eagle proof coin. “Be a History Teacher: Give
a Kid a Coin,” submitted by Greg Roberts of Glendale, Wis., placed third; Roberts receives a
one-tenth ounce gold American Eagle proof coin.

“I’m honored and elated to have provided this year’s theme,” said Keefner, who gave the
first-ever musical submission in an ANA theme contest. “As the song says, money is a symbol
of value, faith and trust, and teaches us about world history, commerce and art.” Plans are
under way to integrate Keefner’s tune in April’s weeklong celebration of numismatics,
including making it available at www.money.org.

In October, the ANA announced a contest to its members to determine a National Coin
Week theme. Members responded by providing more than 80 submissions to the ANA Board
of Governors and staff for consideration. The ANA thanks everyone who submitted a theme

2008 National Coin Week will be a celebration of numismatics, youth and world unity. The
ANA is planning a treasure hunt with its member clubs where children will be challenged to
find five different numismatic objects, with prizes awarded on local and national levels. In
February, the ANA will post a variety of resources on www.money.org, including sample
press releases, a proclamation, an interactive flyer and a two-panel exhibit for members to
download. For questions or more information on National Coin Week, call 719-482-9814 or email

Each year during the third full week of April, coin collectors celebrate National Coin Week
with exhibits, presentations and other activities designed to convey the fun of collecting
and studying coins, paper notes and other forms of money. Each year a theme is chosen to
engage people in learning more about money’s role in world cultures, art, history and
science. Past themes include “Faces of Time” and “The Presidents are Coming!”

The American Numismatic Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating
and encouraging people to study and collect money and related items. The ANA helps its
32,000 members and the public discover and explore the world of money through its vast
array of programs including its education and outreach programs, museum, library,
publications, conventions and seminars. For more information, call 719-632-2646 or visit

CONTACT: Andy Dickes
Telephone: 719-482-9814
E-mail: pr@money.org