These quarters are turning up in the low thousands primarily in Texas and Arizona. We, at CoinResource, have had a chance to review both varieties in person, and these coins are indeed a very exciting variety!

You can see the added extra "leaf" in the two close-up photos above. One die error "leaf" points upwards, the other to the left and downwards. Normally, there is no extra leaf as you can see in the top left picture noted as "normal."

So far the error is unexplained by the mint, but the mint quality control folks are investigating.

These coins are in current high demand across the nation and have received significant press on TV and print.

Usually errors like this do not gain so much press and demand, but on occasion, public interest is sparked as with these varieties.

Time will tell where the price lands for these two varieties. The exact cause, quantity minted, and demand will drive the ultimate price.

- CoinResource staff article.